The team of Information-Analytical Agency since 1997 has been providing a weekly price tracking on the market of audio-, video- and consumer electronics in leading companies, outlets and retail groups of Russia. Researching of product ranges and prices on electronics in RF outlets our information let companies analytic departments calculate further sellings and helps in strategical pricing. Information is presented in a convenient Microsoft Excel table form , which allows to track easily competitors shelf prices and to reason about your own company rate in the certain SKU models and also at the whole market of the city, region, country.
A time-structure scheme of works on providing weekly price tracking services on consumer electronics market of Russia
For whom?
Our marketing services in monitoring of consumer electronics contain the latest information for retail executives and managers, who are in charge of product ranges and prices policy, and consumer electronics manufactures, as well as for domestic and overseas manufacturers, resellers and distributors.

We offer a subscription for a weekly delivery of a report of monitoring of audio, video, and home appliances. Time cycle including receiving, processing and giving produced information to the subscribers is minimally acceptable, that is why our information supplies the executives with the possibility to go on with the times and react on the discounts and promotional campaigns of the competitors at proper time. Always new and real information about market condition and competitors is very important to make a well-timed decision.
* At the point in time on 05/05/2011 monitoring is being done in 84 cities of Russia. It is describing near 1 million items altogether
** In all 2 million items are in process of systematization
One of the new Information-Analytical Agency, Ltd areas is media monitoring of advertising of the consumer electronics market in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Perm, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tolyatti. The result of advertising tracking activity is in the researches giving information about the advertising actions presented in retail outlets and published in billboards, flyers (advertising booklets and publications of the companies).
Such an information we present at latest in 2-3 days after the beginning of the distribution of the flyer or placing the bilboard. Media monitoring is sent uninterruptedly as soon as information about starting the action appears or from the real beginning of the action. It is possible to perform advertising tracking in any city of the Agency marketing services on consumer electronics monitoring of a market. The terms of the beginning of giving information in a new city are one month.
Some variants of our services conducted with using mathematical modeling:
Strategic planning for the geographical expansion of the company up to 2015
Selection of the best strategy in the conduct of the advertising campaign