Information-Analytical Agency team has been working on market since 1997. Its main task is to study and analyze price formation on market. Marketing researches devoted to audit of prices and advertising actions are covering the whole Russia and conducted by Agency weekly. Our calculating facilities and competent decisions allow analytical departments of companies sellers and manufacturers to have a necessary pack for business including models and summarizing computations. We offer services in promotion of companies terrain on mathematical modeling of situation.
Marketing researches on consumer goods market. Implementation of surveys twice a month and issue reports in a paper form as one of the result of activities.
Conducting of weekly monitoring with turnaround time of two days, a sort of informational leap forward in processing and analysis of large volumes of information (product range of companies was counted in thousands of items and tens of active market participants).
Achieving new goals: assisting companies in originating and formation of specialized information referencing services; resolving media planning issues based on probability modeling of situations and optimization calculations.
The company has been developing tasks of information-analytical modeling on market.
The company made a decision to enter new regional markets.
The company was conducting price tracking on consumer electronics market on a weekly basis in 5 cities - St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Tolyatti, Chelyabinsk.
Monitoring of retail outlets was done in 10 cities.
The company attend customers in 17 cities, by the end of 2006 the number of cities had increased to 29.
The aim for 2007 was to expand operations in new regions, increasing the number of product ranges in monitoring of retail outlets. The company is promoting new projects: advertising tracking and preparation of recommendations to companies based on mathematical modeling of market and on the ground of information about product ranges, brands and models.
In 2010 the agency carries on weekly marketing researches of electronic devices in Russia retail chains. We manage total electronic monitoring in more than 80 cities of Russia.
Grounding and adoption of innovation technologies in receiving and processing information, that provides an essentially new level of presented information.